Monday, October 10, 2011

Haven't posted for a while

Because we're not mobile and not too much going on around here.  I'm back on my Effexor and Ambien, and am now on Chantix to help quit smoking (I really really hope!!!).  It's fall in Iowa, trees are changing, and most everything else is the same.  So, I'll post news when it happens, otherwise I'll wait till we get moving again.  

A note to Erik:  I am not physically disabled; I am bipolar and mentally disabled.  I have a very hard time dealing with people on a regular basis.  However, I AM employed, for the state of Iowa, as a caretaker for Mom.  She understands my moods & ups & downs so it helps.  As far as missing the kids, I'm sorry, I DIDN'T.  They were making me crazy when I left by not listening and totally misbehaving and I'm sorry, I didn't miss that at all.  Any more questions?  :)

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  1. Rachel,

    Sorry it took awhile to respond. It's easy to arm chair quarterback. I don't have kids so my big mouth opens and words come out or get typed. I can understand kids driving you crazy, truly and because I don't have any when my nieces and nephews do come over and get out of sorts I can send them back to their parents.

    I meant no disrespect and I can only comment about what I'm reading. Since we don't see everything we comment on what we do read. I guess I don't understand the working for the State part but that's ok, I don't need to. The Bipolar and mentally disabled explains it a bit, kinda.

    I hope things are getting better, take care. :)