Monday, August 29, 2011

MotherF***ing Monday

Today is total shit.  Sorry about the language, but today has gone terribly wrong and I'm MAD about it. 

First, Mom is in the hospital.  She managed to catch our cold (imagine that, with two kids that only listen when it's something THEY want to hear about THEMSELVES, no one else, oh hell no) and with her breathing, that's a recipe for disaster.  Last I heard, they have her on a CPAP machine. 

Second, some nosy ass neighbor that needs said nose rearranged for them decided to tell the city we're living in our camper on DAD'S property.  I guess that, like every other thing in this stupid piece of shit town, is illegal.  They also told the city that my kids are peeing in the yard.  WTF????  I know my kids are jerks but they ain't THAT stoopid!

So, I told the cop that showed up at our door that we go there to give Mom a break, although we don't sleep in it.  What a crock.  The city of We Wanna Run Your Life can stick it up their asses.  I hate this place, always have.  Your business is ALWAYS their business.  Buy local!  As IF! 

Then, the state of Iowa can canceled my claim for Mom for August because in 2010 I didn't live at the old place anymore and mail was returned.  Excuse me????  HELLO????  So I have to fax stuff in to get paid.  That's not really that big of a deal, but with the rest of this?



  1. Rachel I don't understand you. And this will probably make you so mad you will delete me from your page and if that happens so be it.

    You are so angry and blame everyone else for all your troubles yet when people have reached out to you, you choose to ignore them. Those laws that you say are so bad are to protect people in lots of ways...if you don't like it, then don't live there. You complain and gripe about everything and yet I never hear you say anything good or pleasant about your children, your husband or your parents and yet you continue to live with them. If you don't like it, then get the he...out of one is making you stay there.

    Try treating people with a little bit of love and care and see if things aren't a little different for you. I have tried to reach out to you many times and you continue to ignore say you want/need friends but when people reach out you just keep on complaining.

    I hope you get help, you need it!!!

  2. Ali, I have tried emailing you and got no response, several times. And if you met me in person I guarantee you would think I'm the nicest and happiest person in the world. You only see the side of me that I show when I need to vent. And if I wasn't showing SOMETHING to these people (like moving back here to help Mom, and handing Dad cash because Mom's in the hospital and not working) would they keep me around, or stay around me?
    Up to you if you wish to continue reading my blog or not, but I'm not going to 'delete' you.

  3. I'm confused and don't take this the wrong way but I'm guessing both you and your husband are on disability but both of you can walk for miles to a Wal-Mart and walk and work on engines and such.

    Why not get jobs so you can get out from under all of this negativity? I have Rheumatoid arthritis in my back and knees, Diabetes and chronic insomnia yet work 10+ hours a day to keep a roof over our heads and food one the table. I have been told I could go on disability but I feel if I can get up and walk to the car and then a mile to work from the train station I can perform in a job.

    I have relatives on disability yet they seem more mobile than me, work in their yards with all this free time and when I ask why they can't work I hear "We're disabled". I guess I have a lot to learn about some disabilities that don't seem that severe to me.

    I agree, it's your blog and venting helps but when you posted about missing your husband and your dog and coffee machine you didn't mention missing your kids.

    Again, not trying to be mean or rude, just trying to figure it out based on what I have read.

    I wish you the best and pray things get better for you.